All of these logos are better than ours, right? Right?!

All of these logos are better than ours, right? Right?!

As most of you know, a couple of weeks back we announced our new logo. Since then, we’ve been receiving alternative suggestions and proposals from our readers. In case you haven’t gone over the first batch of ideas, it’s definitely worth a look – those logos really do put ours to shame.

We thought that’s all there was to it, but let me tell you, that actually opened the door to even more submissions. We’ve received emails, tweets, comments and smoke signals with mock-ups of the TNW logo, so it was obvious we needed to once again select the most creative ones and display them here for your enjoyment.

The first one comes from Adrian, and it’s clear he actually put some thought behind it. We like how the N and the W use the same shape. Reminds us of ours a bit. Just a bit.

Chethan sent us his version and we’ll just say this: we totally would have used it to replace ours if it hadn’t been pink.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.14.52


Next one is from Anik. Quite curvy for our tastes and the colours aren’t exactly our favourites, but hey, here’s an A for effort.

Marco says our new logo looks like it’s written in futuristic hebrew so he tried to illustrate it. That’s exactly what we were going for. Futuristic hieroglyphs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.21.14

Micha went all wireframe on us. Cool shit, but a bit too MC Escher for us.

Greg came up with some kick-ass gradients… but…

…we challenged him to add even more gradients, and he delivered!!

This is just one tweet out of a longer discussion about alignment:

This one by Doyin reminds us of playing Snake on our Nokia phones:

A very ‘less is more’ approach by Cregital Agency:

Knut worked in a nice arrow. Yes, much better!

…and even made some mock-ups of how it looks on our site. Thanks Knut!

A more ‘outlandish’ T by Koen Mok:

Thank you Joost, but we decided to look further…

Oh Isa, that’s so nice of you! Personal, clear, playful and human. We love it…

Kric put a spotlight on our W:

Manuel put us in a frame…


I can see where the T and N come from, but that W? Help us out here Alexander?

That W looks awesome and could be a logo all by itself, but I don’t know about that T here…

Hasan surprised us with this graphical work of art:

The spacing looks a bit off on this design by Benjamin, but we do love the classic look and feel:

Saminu is going to get us in trouble with Adidas, but apart from that, job well done.

Andrea wins this round with the most original and creative design of all of them. It kinda looks like my signature as well. Yep, we like this one a lot.

That sums it up for now, but if you have even more ideas, don’t hesitate to send them our way. Just mention me (@boris) so I can collect your tweets for easy embedding in the next post. And if you’re looking for some more TNW inspiration, check out what our designers are doing.

If we receive 100 alternative TNW logos, we’ll use them for a coffee table book for our office.

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