Put Chromecast on your retro TV for the ultimate hipster home accessory

If you have an old TV from the 70s or earlier sitting around (or see one at a garage sale), here’s a neat mod to get Chromecast running on it.

A YouTuber has posted a tutorial with simple instructions on how to bring an old TV to the modern age with just a few adaptors. First, you’ll want to look for the VHF connector behind the retro TV and hook it up to an RF modulator. Then, using the composite video cable most of us are familiar with from gaming consoles, connect that to an HDMI adapter.

chromecast old tv

From there, you’re just a Chromecast and Wi-Fi signal away from putting the internet on your old TV. It’s a simple hack that requires very few materials – the most difficult part is probably finding a retro TV in decent condition.

Of course, since old TVs are old, the picture quality is going to be rather low and it may take several seconds for the screen to start up. It’s all part of the hipster charm, but at least you can still use your smartphone to control the volume.

retrochromecast volume

Other functions will operate as normal, from multiple Wi-Fi users adding videos or music to a playlist to skipping and pausing content. For extra sound, hook it up to your favorite stereo system.

It’s not the first time someone’s figured out how to put Chromecast on older TV models – Reddit has had plenty of users who’ve showed off their Chromecast-ed analog TVs for extra nostalgia – but this tutorial is a pretty clear walkthrough on how it all works.

You can watch an extended breakdown of the process here. We give it a week until someone packages this together as a Retro Chromecast kit and sells it on Urban Outfitters.

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