Play any Steam game in a VR theater with HTC Vive

Play any Steam game in a VR theater with HTC Vive

Although we’re just at the precipice of meaningful VR content, there are ways to bridge the gap as an early adopter. If you’re the lucky, proud owner (or soon-to-be-owner) of an HTC Vive, you can now access your entire steam library and play it within a minimalist theater.

Announced last month and released in beta a few weeks ago, owners of the Vive will automatically be asked whether they would like to launch their games in “Theater Mode” — which then projects the game onto a wide screen.

The space itself is minimal, and you’re not going to get much beyond the convenience of a more immersive and larger play experience. But being in a big room for gaming, even virtually, has the tendency to set the mood.


And it seems that HTC’s partner, Valve, isn’t done yet with the feature, either. In a video teased today, a match in ‘Dota 2’ shows of an interactive spectator’s theater, complete with lifesized versions of the heroes on each team, a real-time map and interactive stats.

This feature is a small one that makes a big impact, both in supplementing the still-growing VR content pool and showing off the device’s diverse play experiences.

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