Drone manufacturers now have their own political lobbying group

Drone manufacturers now have their own political lobbying group

There’s now a lobbying group to protect the rights of drone owners, and the interests of drone companies.

Called ‘The Drone Manufacturers Alliance,’ the group is made up of former Small UAV Coalition members DJI, 3DR, GoPro and Parrot. In a statement, the alliance said it would work with lawmakers to “ensure a safe environment” for drone pilots:

There are significant economic and social benefits to drone operations in the U.S., and industry must work with policymakers to ensure a safe environment for flying. The Drone Manufacturers Alliance believes a carefully balanced regulatory framework requires input from all stakeholders and must recognize the value and necessity of continued technological innovation. By highlighting innovation and emphasizing education, we intend to work with policymakers to ensure drones continue to be safely integrated into the national airspace.

It’s not clear why the three companies split from the Small UAV Coalition to form the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, but inactivity may have been to blame. Larger companies like Google X — which has delivery drones it currently views as moonshot ideas — may not feel the urgency when the FAA drops the hammer on drones and pilots alike.

The Drone Manufacturers Alliance on The Drone Manufacturers Alliance

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