Where you can meet The Next Web team in Spring 2016

TNW Confere Europe 2015 Stage

We’re a busy bunch between events and speaking engagements, it’s hard to get us all in the same room.

So last year we drafted a conference calendar in order for everyone on the TNW team to know where others were going to be and at which events some would be speaking. We’re not codependent, but it helps to know so we can plan meetings, dinners, and give some social love to every event we attend. Oh, and of course it helps to tally who will be around for our famous Friday night cocktails.

In order to make the most of this calendar, we’re posting it online so our readers, partners, and anyone interested in meeting us can do just that.

Here’s where you can find us the second quarter of 2016 (through June 30):

  • Apr 4-5 – Step Conference, Dubai: The largest interactive gathering in the Middle-East will bring together over four thousand people and our co-founder, Patrick de Laive, will be there to participate in a fireside chat, moderated by Monty Munford from The Telegraph. If you want to meet with Patrick, his email is [email protected] and Twitter is @patrick.
  • Apr 9 – MeasureCamp, Amsterdam: MeasureCamp is an ‘unconference’. There are no schedules and everyone is invited to talk, discuss, and even lead sessions. Our Web Analyst Simon Vreeman will be attending to learn even more about analytics and data performance. You can reach him through Twitter @vreeman or via email at [email protected]
  • Apr 11 – The Next Web presents: Timeless user experience techniques, New York: TNW and Made in NY Media Center IFP are coming together to bring designers from Canary, Etsy, Huge, Wall Street journal, and many more to discuss the art and technique behind timeless user experiences. Our Director of Community and Events USA, Dahlia Green, will be there. Want to meet her? Twitter: @dahlia_green; email: [email protected]
  • Apr 18-20 – ConversionWorld, Online: This is a conference you can attend from anywhere in the world! With 35 speakers, three days, the event will be completely online. Martijn Scheijbeler, TNW Marketing Director, will be speaking on the 19th about A/B testing. Do you have questions for him? His Twitter is @MartijnSch and email is [email protected].
  • Apr 21 – Emerce Conversion, Amsterdam: Emerce is all about conversions, datas, analysis and tests. That is why our Marketing Director, Martijn Scheijbeler, will be there to share how we managed to run more than 200 tests last year and what we have learned from it. If you have questions for him or want to discuss some more about the topic, you can contact him at @MartijnSch on Twitter or via email at [email protected].
  • Apr 22 – BrightonSEO, London: This is a search marketing event that happens twice a year in Brighton. Martijn Scheijbeler and Julian Aijal, Marketing Director and SEO Specialist respectively, will be there to learn even more about it. Do you have questions about SEO or want to meet them at the event? Contact them at @MartijnSch and @jaijal or email them at [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Apr 23 – Conversion.Camp, Utrecht: Conversion Camp is a meetup with eight tracks and over 60 sessions focused mainly in conversions. Again, seeking for more knowledge, our Marketing Director, Martijn Scheijbeler, and Web Analyst Simon Vreeman will be attending. You can reach them through Twitter @MartijnSch and @vreeman or via email at [email protected] and [email protected].
  • May 5-6 – Login.it, Vilnius: LOGIN is the largest gathering of internet and tech community in the Baltic States. Martijn will be there speaking about Index.co and all the business inputs you receive from tech news. If you want to meet him contact him at @MartijnSch on Twitter or via email at [email protected].
  • May 9 – MEWeek, Maastricht: Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week has become the largest entrepreneurship event organized entirely by students, for students, in the Netherlands. Its eighth edition is themed ‘Make your move’, inspiring students to make their career move now towards starting up independently as a young entrepreneur. Patrick de Laive will be speaking at the event. If you want to meet with Patrick or send him questions, his email is [email protected] and Twitter is @patrick
  • May 9 – Inside Intercom, Amsterdam: This is an Intercom itinerary event to gather local startups and the Intercom team to discuss what it takes to make great products. Patrick, our co-founder, is also one of the minds behind Index.co – the TNW intelligence pillar. He will speak at the event to share how we work with the product and how to improve it. Want to reach out to him? His email is [email protected] and Twitter is @patrick.
  • May 20 – The Inbounder, Valencia: Already one of the biggest SEO events in Europe with some of the most well known names of the market. Martijn Scheijbeler and Julian Aijal, Marketing Director and SEO Specialist respectively, will be there. Reach out to them via Twitter at @MartijnSch and @jaijal or email at [email protected] and [email protected].
  • May 26-27 – TNW European Conference, Amsterdam: You may have heard about this one already… The eleventh annual TNW Conference brings together the world’s top technology leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs – tied together by more than eight stages, 300 exhibitor pavilions, and a full week of satellite events. Take your pick of the team members that will be there! Hopefully, you will be, too!
  • Jun 28-29 – All Things Data, Tel Aviv: This is the conference to learn and discuss all about Data and Analytics to improve your business. Martijn Scheijbeler, our Marketing Director will be there to share a little bit about how we manage data and tests here at TNW. If you want to meet him or send him a question on the topic contact him at @MartijnSch on Twitter or via email at [email protected].

This calendar is updated as new events and talks come up.

Want to suggest an event or invite us to attend or speak at your event? Send an email to [email protected]

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