Redditor crushes souls with Nintendo NX Controller hoax

For days, gamers have been caught up in the hype of Nintendo’s next-generation console, codenamed the “Nintendo NX,” particularly as several purported shots of its controller have made the rounds of popular forums.

But if you wanted to really believe, prepare for your heart to get broken.

One of the posts that circulated thoroughly on Reddit one week ago was proven fake by the user who posted it, /u/Idriss2Dev. A detailed video of the painstaking 3D rendering shows how the controller appeared out of thin air.

It’s not common for these leaks to be falsified and in turn set off flags: many users thought the controller was fake after it was determined the controller had an image from an Unreal demo photoshopped directly onto it.

Other photos haven’t been debunked, but be warned: never trust what the Internet tells you.

YouTube [via VentureBeat]

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