It’s Sony’s fault you can’t play Rocket League cross-platform yet

It’s Sony’s fault you can’t play Rocket League cross-platform yet
Credit: Psyonix

When it comes to cross-platform gaming between Xbox and PlayStation, gamers have been requesting it for a long time but with consoles running on different operating systems, that’s no easy feat.

However, Psyonix, the indie studio behind hit game Rocket League wants to make gamers’ dreams come true and let players on any console play against one another.

The studio’s vice president Jeremy Dunham has gone as far as saying that Rocket League’s servers are already prepped and ready to work cross-platform between the Xbox One and PS4 but the company needs to know where it stands “politically with everyone” before finalizing.

Dunham’s timing is pretty impeccable with Rocket League being one of the biggest games of 2015 and has recently picked up steam after announcing a championship series in association with Twitch and a new basketball mode.

This, coupled with the fact that Microsoft recently declared it will soon open the doors to cross-platform multiplayer gaming for Xbox One and PC owners, means the pressure is very much on for Sony to do the same.

Rocket League has amassed over eight million players since launch and continues to grow, so widening its appeal and availability can only be beneficial for everyone involved.

Your move, Sony.

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