Yahoo Mail just got a whole lot smarter

Yahoo Mail just got a whole lot smarter

Yahoo has added some new features to its Mail service that will enhance the links you send in emails by transforming them into visual, informative cards to give recipients a snapshot of the content right in the message.

The new previews will allow people to play video and audio clips directly within the email and also share to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites without leaving their inbox – something you can’t do in Gmail.

Credit: Yahoo Mail

The rich previews will also display things like product prices when they’re relevant as well as the titles and authors’ names for articles.

The sender of the email can also choose where the preview best fits in the body of the email and resize it to suit, so it’s not overpowering or distracting from the text.

Yahoo Mail has been undergoing a transformation since last year. The service was completely overhauled in October 2015 with a new look and has since introduced a number of new features, including the ability to sign up with your Gmail account.

As a company, Yahoo is still in limbo but its continuation to improve the service shows it hasn’t given up entirely.

➤ Transform boring links into rich link previews [Yahoo Mail Tumblr]

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