Check out this incredible short film rendered in real-time using Unity

Unity’s demo team has been secretly working on a short film that’s created entirely in the next version of the company’s engine – and it’s incredible.

The result is ADAM, a film rendered in real-time using Unity 5.4 that leverages CaronteFX’s physics simulation tool – which somewhat resembles ‘The Matrix.’

If you’re wondering, like me, how much power it takes to make something this stunning in real-time, you might be surprised. The team used an Octacore Intel Core i7 with just a single GTX 980 at 1440p.

ADAM’s full-length film will be unveiled at Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam on May 31. The team also plans to announce new tools during that event that it created to generate effects such as volumetric fog, transparency shader and motion blur.

But for now, sit back, relax, and revel in just how far computer graphics have come. Maybe one day we’ll be playing the film in real-time on our own machines, rather than just watching a video of it.

Unity 3D ADAM [Unity]

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