Send anonymous emails from your regular account using BlankStamp

Send anonymous emails from your regular account using BlankStamp

When you need to make an anonymous phone call, there are numerous tricks to hide your number and apps to do the same for text messages. However, anonymous emails can be a little trickier.

Sure, you could set up a separate account under a pseudonym, but if you only need to send one every once in a while, that’s a lot of hassle.

BlankStamp wants to make it easy to send incognito emails direct from your regular account.

All you have to do is compose the message you want to send and format your recipients email like this – [email protected]

For example, if you wanted to send TNW an anonymous tip, you would type: [email protected] in the address box. Once you’ve done that, the email will be received from a pseudonym account.

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The recipient can respond to the email and choose whether they wish to be anonymous as well. Although, if someone has emailed you then they probably already know who you are.

While this may sound it’s like ripe for abuse and spam, the company has said it’s working on ways to curb users from harassing people or misusing the system. If you receive an email like this and don’t want to get any more, you can click on the link in the bottom of your message to block future incognito mails.

Some practical uses include reporting bullying in school, college or the workplace or sending anonymous feedback. It could also be used to send leaks and tips to journalists.

BlankStamp is currently limiting the number of emails you can send to five per week and these can only be in plain text; you can’t attach files just yet.

BlankStamp [via Product Hunt]

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