Indiegogo’s new diversity initiative champions female entrepreneurs

Indiegogo’s new diversity initiative champions female entrepreneurs

Today is International Women’s Day, as I am sure your Facebook and Twitter feeds have told you countless times already.

Women in tech is a subject that has gotten an increasing amount of attention, usually to point out where the industry is falling short, but today, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has tactfully chosen to announce its new initiative aimed at helping budding female entrepreneurs.

The year-long initiative will give extra support to female-led campaigns on the crowdfunding platform. The company is also partnering with Girls in Tech UK, Trep Life, Lipstick & Politics and Blooming Founders as part of the push.

Women who are crowdfunding their projects on Indiegogo will be able to sign up for extra mentoring and the site will also be hosting a series of female-focused events.

The move comes not long after a study from UC Berkeley analyzed nearly 10,000 Indiegogo campaigns and came to the conclusion that female-backed projects were more likely to get funding because of their use of inclusive language in pitches. Female-led projects currently make up 47 percent of the fully funded campaigns on Indiegogo.

The site already hosts many female-led campaigns and you can check them all out on a dedicated page if you’re interested in backing. There are studies that suggest women are better businesspeople than men so you might be more likely to see a return on your investment this way.

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