Mario is making a return to the Wii U this year

Mario is making a return to the Wii U this year

Fan of Mario? Own a Wii U? Well, Nintendo has just announced that its biggest star is coming to the Wii U later this year in a new game called ‘Paper Mario: Color Splash.’

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The new role-playing-style game will be the first of its kind in the series for a home console since ‘Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door’ came out for the GameCube (remember that?!) in 2004 and 2007’s ‘Super Paper Mario’ on the Wii.

How will it work? Well, the premise is to add color to an otherwise monochrome world so Mario will need to bash things with his magical hammer to bring things to life. For enemies, a smack from the hammer will take the color away.

Nintendo hasn’t given an exact date of when the game will be released just yet so we will have to wait with baited breath for now.

Nintendo [Twitter]

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