Virtuali-Tee is turning shirts into living x-ray apps for mobile and VR

Virtuali-Tee is turning shirts into living x-ray apps for mobile and VR

Ever wanted to peek inside the human body while it’s still alive? If so, Virtuali-Tee is just what you’ve been looking for.


The wearable is basically a tee shirt with a screen-printed code that uses an app to alter what you see on-screen. Currently, the only example is of the human body, where a device’s screen turns into a beating heart and working lungs shortly after its pointed at the tee — like a living x-ray.


Users can also dive a bit deeper into various parts of the body, like the circulatory or urinary systems. In addition to a basic mobile app, Virtuali-Tee also has a VR experience that’s just as interactive as its mobile app, and both use spacial awareness to let you get a more detailed view by moving your phone closer to the tee.


It’s framed as an educational tool, and the Kickstarter is seeking £70,000 (right around $100,000). You can get in on Virtuali-Tee for as little as £18 ($25), and the project has an estimated delivery of August 2016.

Virtuali-Tee [Kickstarter]

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