Microsoft HoloLens comes with these holographic games

Microsoft HoloLens comes with these holographic games

It’s official: Microsoft’s HoloLens costs $3,000 for developers and will ship in just 30 days on March 30.

The device ships with a number of apps and games bundled, for free, so developers are able to get an idea of what the device is capable.

The first, called Fragments, is a “mixed reality crime drama” which takes place in your own living room. It detects objects in the room and uses it as a set to tell the story — it seriously looks amazing.

Another game called Young Conker tries to mix platform-style gaming with holograms to let a tiny fox run around your living room and use walls, objects and the floor as the actual level. That allows you to play an entirely different game by just going to a new room, as HoloLens adapts the layout to your surroundings.

The final game, RoboRaid, was built during a hack week at Microsoft. It’s a first-person shooter that fires at you from your environment and lets you dodge the bullets using natural movements. It leverages 3D sound to use the entire room, so projectiles can come from behind you.

The games look like impressive technology demos for a device that’s likely incredibly unfinished, and are a way the company can educate developers about what’s possible with the device.

HoloLens will eventually become a consumer gadget, but Microsoft is yet to announce pricing or availability for wider audiences.

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