Samsung phones will finally get Taco, Middle Finger emoji – but not racially diverse ones

Samsung phones will finally get Taco, Middle Finger emoji – but not racially diverse ones

When it comes to new emoji, Samsung users are typically one of the last to receive updates including the latest batch approved by the Unicode Consortium. Finally, that’ll change.

Today, the company has shown off some of the new emoji iOS and Android users have been enjoying for months, including the upside down face, taco, burrito, cheese, champagne bottle, and arguably the most important, the middle finger.

While that’s great for users who’ve long waited for these new set, the update is sorely missing racially diverse emoji that allows users to modify the skin tones of emoji in the people or hand gesture categories. Instead, everyone is white… except for the police officer and dancer.


How Samsung decide who gets to be white or black is still beyond us. For what it’s worth, classic Android also does not have a skin color modifier – it uses yellow blobs and white and pink hands for racial ambiguity. For what it’s worth part two, Facebook’s emoji for humans, not faces, are also largely white.

The new set of Samsung emoji will arrive preinstalled in the newly announced Galaxy S7, as well as phones that are eligible for the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update.

Here’s a look at all the new Samsung emoji in one video.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Emoji Changelog [Emojipedia]

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