Volvo is bringing phone-free Spotify to its cars

Volvo is on a roll this year.

Following reports that the Swedish car manufacturer is building high-tech safety trucks with Samsung and scheming to replace your car keys with your phone, the company just announced it is partnering with Spotify to integrate a native streaming app into its new cars.

Starting with XC90 SUV, S90 luxury sedan as well as its V90 wagon, Volvo owners will be able to use Spotify in their cars entirely phone-free in any country that supports the streaming service.

But here’s the catch: you will need to update to Spotify Premium to take advantage of Volvo’s new integration.

Volvo revealed at MWC 16 that the integrated streaming app comes with a few nifty features to offer a better experience, including a wider interface and improved search functionalities – such as handwriting recognition and first-letter search.

Non-premium Spotify users will still be able to stream music in their new Volvos, but they will need to resort to old methods and connect to Spotify either through an aux cord or via bluetooth.

Volvo is the latest to add phone-free Spotify to its rides [Engadget]

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