Pinterest makes its Recipe and Movie pins much more data rich

Pinterest makes its Recipe and Movie pins much more data rich

Have you ever seen a tasty dish on Pinterest and wish you could see immediately how to make it without clicking through multiple times on the platform? Or, perhaps you see a still from a movie and wonder whether it actually is as good as it looks.

Well, both of these things will be easily visible in a new product update for the platform, live today — partly to coincide with the very finger food and movie-oriented Academy Awards, which the platform notes has had a wave of activity to the tune of 4 million pins.

Recipe Pins in particular will be more helpful, as the data ingested onto the platform will finally include ingredients, cooking times and servings — which will be easily visible even on the mobile version. The number of Recipe Pins will also double to 4 billion.

Recipe Pin

Movie Pins will include new information like rating, cast members and reviews, which will likely keep more people on the platform for longer rather than clicking out. The number of those pins has also doubled to 33 million, according to the company.

Pinterest introduced Movie and Recipe Pins back in 2013 as part of its ‘Rich Pins’ initiative, which was designed to provide more information for users while also offering opportunities for brands to organically reach audiences.

All new features are available on every version of Pinterest worldwide.

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