You can buy a self-playing piano with an iPod built in because of course

Did you wake up today wishing that enormous piano in your sitting room could play itself? Of course you did!

Luckily, Edelweiss has your back: it’s announced a new piano that features a built-in iPod and plays backing tracks on top of music all on its own.

Never mind that the thought of buying a self-playing piano is bizarre, let’s talk about the fact that it comes with the iPod already built in when you buy the thing. It plays the song out of a hidden speaker, then the piano adds its own bits on top by tapping its own keys.

Edelweiss said that the “iPod [is] built into a hidden drawer, pre-programmed with 400 songs, and an array of genres with thousands more songs available to download.”

Note that those extra songs that are “available for download” come at an extra price from a dedicated store on top of the £9,000 or so that you shelled out for the piano itself.

If you hit play, the piano will tap away at its own keys to add a soothing piano track on top of the song. It doesn’t appear to just work with any song, so you’re not going to be able to stream Kanye’s new album from Spotify, but even if it is gratuitous the idea is kind of cool.

Watching the videos on YouTube, it’s kinda creepy to see it play its own keys. Even if I was rich enough for one of these, why wouldn’t I just hire a pianist to come and play it for me?

Anyway… the self-playing piano comes in black or white and will cost anywhere between £9,000 and £24,000.


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