Postmates introduces Plus so you can easily find cheaper delivery

Postmates introduces Plus so you can easily find cheaper delivery

One of the biggest mysteries about on-demand delivery platform Postmates was narrowing down which restaurants abided by the company’s flat-fee delivery charge. When you were searching for a specific kind of food, you might find something you love only to be shocked by a fee that could rival how much the meal actually cost

But no more. Today, the company introduced Postmates Plus, which is the new formal product name for the “Preferred Merchant” partners that had the attractive flat fees. The company has also lowered that fee, too, so users who order from Postmates Plus will now pay $3.99 for delivery.


Postmates says that Plus is live in 23 of its 40 markets, and will roll out to others shortly.

This is a big change in terms of ease of use. Now, if you know you don’t want to pay fluctuating delivery fees, you can click over to the new tab and not worry.

This could also be a big incentive for merchants who aren’t on the Plus Platform. According to Postmates, more than 35 percent of deliveries come through what would be this Plus category. Merchants who aren’t in that category could see a decrease in eyeballs as a result of not being included, which may lead to better business deals for Postmates long-term.

Postmates Plus is live in select markets with the app’s latest updates for iOS and Android.


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