Kickstarter backers have funded an Oscar-winning film and 15 Grammy-nominated projects in 7 years

Kickstarter backers have funded an Oscar-winning film and 15 Grammy-nominated projects in 7 years

Upon reaching an impressive milestone of hosting 100,000 successfully funded campaigns on its crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter has published 100 interesting facts about the projects and creators that have tasted success in the past seven years that it’s been around.

The company says that 15 music albums, performances and compositions have been nominated for Grammys, of which four have won the presitigious award. Among them are Mike Farris’ roots gospel album ‘Shine All The People’ and Jo-El Sennier’s regional roots record ‘The Legacy’.

This year, four Kickstarter-hosted projects have been nominated for Grammys: The Nashville Symphony, composer Andrew Norman, Latin jazz musician Miguel Zenon and blues act Cedric Burnside Project.

Kickstarter saw one film snag an Oscar in 2013: Inocente won Best Documentary (Short Subject) after raising just over $52,000. In total, 11 movies funded on the platform have been nominated for Oscars.

The site, which crossed $2 billion in pledges last November, has also helped developers secure funds for 150 PC games that are now available on Steam.

While Kickstarter certainly has reason to celebrate, it’s had its share of problems and continues to battle with them. Last July, a study showed that nine percent of all projects failed to deliver rewards to backers.

The platform also saw a $3.5 million campaign for an autonomous drone go down in flames last November, because the firm behind the project didn’t have the know-how to build what it had planned.

However, it’s hard to knock the potential of crowdfunding, especially seeing the kind of success creators have achieved in less than a decade. You can find more interesting Kickstarter trivia on the company’s blog.

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