DoneHire thinks it can change how you find your next job, and guarantee you a hiring bonus

DoneHire thinks it can change how you find your next job, and guarantee you a hiring bonus

DoneHire is trying to change the process of getting a job, and wants to give you a hiring bonus — no matter what.

With a bit of gamification and a Robin Hood mentality, DoneHire thinks it can disrupt the job search process. By offering a minimum $1,000 bonus to both the new hire and the person who referred them, there’s a lot at stake.

Here’s how it works: each month, you’re given 20 tokens that can be used to apply for jobs or refer another person for a job. You can also gain more tokens based on your activity level.

The hiring bonus comes straight from the company. According to DoneHire, it’s just cutting out the middle man:

Since organizations (and their job openings) will always be there and they are spending a lot of money in recruiting (on average $4,000 per hire in the US), we thought: Why not create a job platform that would level the playing field and allow everyone to profit from recruiting, eliminating the noise thus helping candidates and organizations to fill the jobs faster and better?

Moreover, companies pay all fees associated with DoneHire. Users pay nothing, though backing the Indiegogo campaign guarantees you a higher bonus should you get hired on the platform.

While DoneHire has a lot of platitudes from big companies like Yahoo and Synaptics posted to its Indiegogo campaign, it remains untested. The current trajectory is to launch an iOS and Android app during the summer.

While I always suggest caution for crowdfunding, DoneHire isn’t asking much of you. For as little as $1, you can “boost” your hiring bonus to $1,300. Even if it fails, as is so often the case with Indiegogo campaigns, you won’t be out of pocket much.

DoneHire [Indiegogo]

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