Uber fined €1.2 million by Paris court as taxi protests continue

Uber fined €1.2 million by Paris court as taxi protests continue

In what looked like a losing battle for traditional taxi drivers given decisions made by regulators in London and beyond about Uber’s ride-sharing service, a Paris court has made a surprise ruling that the company has been breaking the law.

The court ruled that Uber has been touting for business in the same way as a taxi, getting hailed down at the side of the road, which is not allowed unless part of a regulated firm.

In the midst of a second day of protests by taxi drivers in the country, villain Uber has now been ordered to pay a €1.2 million fine.

In a long-standing row, the UberPop service – UberX to other parts of the world – was banned back in 2014 by the French authorities and was then suspended by the company itself last year during similar taxi driver protests.

Both times it was eventually reinstated.

➤ French court ‘orders Uber to compensate’ Paris taxi rival [BBC]

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