This tool helps you search the entire global Netflix library

This tool helps you search the entire global Netflix library

Despite having recently launched in over 130 new locations, Netflix has been well known to impose geo-restrictions on its local catalogs, rendering a significant chunk of its movies and TV series – that might be otherwise available for streaming – inaccessible to residents in certain regions.

While setting up a VPN connection to countries with more expansive local libraries has become the favorite ‘secret’ solution of many Netflix subscribers, identifying the region(s) that feature the content of your choice isn’t always as straightforward. The ‘unofficial Netflix online Global Search’ (uNoGS) helps you do precisely this.

Offering data on the regional streaming availability from over 240 countries, uNoGS lets you browse Netflix’s immense global library by title, year as well as several other filters, like genre, rating, voiceover and subtitle availability, and more.

Besides cross-referencing streaming availability in a number of regions, the site also refers you to a nifty list of (paid) third-party VPN, DNS and proxy providers that will give you access to the movies and TV shows you wish to view.

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Unlike Netflix Codes and Flixed – the former of which lets you flip through Netflix’s secret categories and the latter to browse local libraries region-free as well as a few other things – uNoGs also supports searching for content by actors and directors.

Even though Netflix recently announced its plans to enforce stricter control over VPN abusers due to pressure from copyright holders, bypassing the geo-restrictions is still a viable option and – as we priorly remarked – the streaming service platform does not seem to be truly invested in limiting your access to only one region just yet. So enjoy it while you still can!

➤ uNoGS [via TorrentFreak]

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