Uber’s standalone food delivery app ‘UberEATS’ to go live in 10 cities in March


Today a Wall Street Journal report detailed Uber’s plan to go live with its standalone food delivery app, UberEATS.

For just over a month now, Toronto has provided the proving ground for the service, but now UberEATS is set to go nationwide, well, in 10 cities anyway.

Currently, the UberEATS service is available within Uber’s primary app, but only for those requesting a ride, and a meal. It’s also only available during lunchtime.

In March the service is set to go live in Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Austin, Washington D.C., Houston, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Residents in each of these cities will be able to order breakfast, lunch or dinner, sans ride, from any of Uber’s partner restaurants.

Uber Prepares Meal-Delivery Service for 10 U.S. Cities [Wall Street Journal via TechCrunch]

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