Reminder: Register your drone by today and avoid the $5 fee

Reminder: Register your drone by today and avoid the $5 fee
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It’s only $5, but if you register your drone today — the last day of the free registration period — that money is refunded.

Back in December, the FAA announced that all drones weighing more than half a pound and less than 55 pounds would have to be registered. The deadline for this registration is February 19.

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Luckily, you can do the whole thing online. You’ll still need to fork over a five spot, but money is refundable. To register, you’ll need a credit or debit card and to provide your physical and mailing address.

For those planning on using their drone for commercial purposes — aerial videography, property surveying, or demonstrating your aerial dominance — you’ll have to register by paper instead.

If you own a drone, you’ll have to register it soon anyway; you might as well save the $5.

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