Twitter’s former CEO is launching a health and fitness startup

Twitter’s former CEO is launching a health and fitness startup
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Twitter’s former long-standing CEO Dick Costolo has announced that he’s launching a new startup focused on activity and health, as well as becoming a partner at venture capital firm Index Ventures.

The announcement – fittingly made on Twitter – says that the new business will focus on going “beyond measurement to motivate and drive improvement and make the road to personal transformation fun and social.”

That’s not all too specific in terms of features or its general proposition but Costolo also said that the software platform has been designed to capitalize on the shift to specialized workout programs “with a multitude of connected devices.”

Right now, it sounds like it’s early days, with the product still at the proof-of-concept stage. Nonetheless, with nearly seven years experience growing Twitter, Costolo knows a thing or two about scaling a platform.

➤ Dick Costolo [Twitter]

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