Say hello to ‘Origin Access,’ EA’s $5 subscription service for PC games

Say hello to ‘Origin Access,’ EA’s $5 subscription service for PC games

Announced today, Electronic Arts’ new subscription plan ‘Origin Access’ allows users to play a “growing collection of great PC games” for just $4.99 per month. Users will also save 10% on Origin purchases.

Of course, the main prize of the subscription service is in access to what EA is calling, ‘The Vault.’ Inside this digital crypt you’ll find more than a dozen titles that are included with your Origin Access account.

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As of today, there are 15 titles, with more planned in the near future. Inside, you’ll find: ‘Battlefield 4,’ ‘FIFA 15,’ ‘The Sims 3,’ ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ and others.

Aside from the games and discounts, one of the nicer features of ‘The Vault’ is that it won’t be limited to EA-published games. More third-party titles are planned, but for now, 11 bit Studios’ ‘This War of Mine’ is available at launch.

Currently, Origin Access is for Windows users only, sorry Apple.

Endless PC gaming, just $4.99 a month [Origin via Polygon]

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