Only Twitter would demand the release of El Chapo so he can go kill Trump

Only Twitter would demand the release of El Chapo so he can go kill Trump

No sooner had news of the capture of Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ started doing the rounds, people were calling for his release on Twitter so he could kill Donald Trump.


Thankfully, there’s a bit of an explanation (we hope) for Twitter’s sudden thirst for Trump blood. Last summer, Joaquin Guzman aka El Chapo managed to escape a maximum security jail via a tunnel

Trump, in another shining example of his timid relationship with controversy used the opportunity to gloat about his tough stance on Mexicans on Twitter.  

Guzman responded in the only way an alleged billionaire drug boss could, by reportedly putting a $100 million bounty on Trump’s head, dead or alive.

As of the time of writing, the two had been mentioned on Twitter more than 6,000 times. We’re quietly hoping that Twitter is just having a bit of fun and not about to mount an attempt to free Guzman for a second time. 

Twitter Trolls Donald Trump After ‘El Chapo’ Captured News [LatinTimes]

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