OneAdaptr’s Stack lets you mix and match your surge protector like Lego

OneAdaptr’s Stack lets you mix and match your surge protector like Lego

Surge protectors are generally not that exciting – but OneAdaptr has managed to mix things up quite literally with a new product called Stack, a modular system that allows you to add as many ports as you need.

The base system comes with three standard outlets (you can choose between US or UK prongs) and opt to add blocks for USB ports, ethernet, or additional power ports. OneAdaptr says you can add as many as you like, but since can only connect in one direction, it’ll depend on how much space you have at home to build a gigantic surge protector train.


With its modular design, you can use the Stack for travel by bringing as many or little extra ports as needed. This is helpful if you often switch between traveling alone or with a group. The blocks themselves are little on the large side, with one square nearly the size of a human palm.

Based in Hong Kong, OneAdaptr has distribution partnerships with Apple Stores in Asia. In Bangkok, customers are given a free OneAdaptr Twist Plus power outlet, which lets you twist to convert prongs to whichever socket type is needed.

The company is at CES trying to find a US distributor or retailer to partner with, but says Stack will be available on its website later this year. The starter set will be priced around $25, with additional blocks going for $9.99 each.

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