Yahoo going to court for sending spammy text messages

Yahoo going to court for sending spammy text messages
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Yahoo has been accused of sending more than 500,000 users spam text messages welcoming them to Yahoo Messenger, without their permission.

In the case, a user claims to have received welcome messages from Yahoo immediately after getting automated spam messages from another Messenger user.

Today that case has been granted class-action status by a Chicago federal judge for sending unsolicited advertising messages.

A similar, strange case was bought to court in 2014 when a user purchased a used T-Mobile smartphone that kept delivering messages meant for another Yahoo user.

The class action law suit, which will go to trial following today’s ruling, charges Yahoo with unsolicited advertising, and plaintiffs are seeking damages of up to $1,500 per message.

An earlier case about the same ‘welcome’ messages was denied class-action status in October.

Only customers on the Sprint network were affected, but with so many allegedly being sent messages, it’s possible Yahoo has to pay out a large sum if it loses a trial.

Yahoo must face class action over text messages [Reuters]

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