Boston Dynamics wants to fill you with terror this holiday season

Boston Dynamics wants to fill you with terror this holiday season

The promise of Santa showing up to your home shouldn’t fill you with dread. Boston Dynamics doesn’t seem to understand that.

In a new 30-second video, the robotics company dressed its odd dear/cheetah/robot overlord animal-bots to look like reindeer. Santa, here a woman clearly uneasy with what’ taking place, says “happy holidays from Boston Dynamics” before following her electronic death squad off to forage for more children.

There’s a lot to unpack, here. The video was taken on the side of a road, presumably near the Boston Dynamics offices, but is this normal behavior there? Are there just robotic whatchamacallits prancing freely all over the place at Boston Dynamics? Was ‘Santa’ forced to do the video by those bots?

Also, those things are prancing, not flying. If next year’s video has flying robotic animals, I’m going off the grid.

Boston Dynamics [YouTube]

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