Developers and designers are really going to like ‘The Search’

Developers and designers are really going to like ‘The Search’

Searching for things is a necessary evil in the Internet age. It’s also tedious, but I think my geeky developer friends and readers are going to like The Search.

Though the name could use a bit of work (I mean, the search? c’mon), it’s a handy little tool if you’re a developer or designer. It scrapes Product Hunt, Designer News, Hacker News and GitHub, and is designed for “new plugins, frameworks, apps and articles.” You can search for any term you like, though — it just concentrates your search to the aforementioned sources.

It also offers up some granular controls to whittle your results down to time or popularity, and you can turn each of the four sources off if you know where you want to narrow your results from.

The Search is from the same team behind The News (again with the naming!). While both can coexist nicely, I kind of hope they simply combine the two for one powerhouse service/app.

The Search [via Product Hunt]

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