Lively update brings Apple’s Live Photos to their real potential

Lively update brings Apple’s Live Photos to their real potential

Lively was one of the first great apps for getting access to the Live Photos that are automatically recorded when you take a photo on the iPhone 6s, and it just got better.

The latest version of the app is out, and it does everything Apple’s own Photos app should be doing. You can finally choose a frame from the video part of a Live Photo to keep, in case the original photo wasn’t quite the best.

It also adds a trimming feature, so you can trim off the bit at the end where you put the phone down too quickly and it blurred, as well as making it easier to share the final product outside of your phone on Tumblr and Twitter.

A Live Photo exported from my camera roll

The app is now free with in-app purchases, so if you don’t mind there being a watermark on your photos you can use it forever, or pay $1.99 to be rid of the annoying overlay.

Live Photos are one of my absolute favorite parts of the iPhone 6s, because they capture the moment’s emotion so well. I use this app constantly to share them on Twitter and Facebook, so it’s worth grabbing if you have the latest iPhone.

Lively 2.0 [App Store]

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