Reddit is banning users who post Star Wars spoilers

Reddit is banning users who post Star Wars spoilers

Reddit’s selfless volunteer moderators are working hard to make sure none of the platform’s users have their Star Wars experience ruined, which means getting tough with spoilers.

It’s still two days to go until ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ goes on general release but some lucky fans got to the Los Angeles premiere on December 14 and are, rather meanly, sharing spoilers on Reddit.

After a general warning was posted to deter spoilers using the site, battle has commenced.

“We’ve banned dozens of users so far for this,” TheGreatZiegfeld said on the platform. “I think all the mods have had it spoiled for them by now. We’ll do our best to make sure you guys don’t suffer the same fate.”

Spoilsports are now even private messaging some fans in a bid to ruin their day.

“We signed up for the job, we can’t just skimp out when things get hard,” TheGreatZiegfield added.

It’s not clear whether they will have their accounts reinstated, although if they’re that determined, they could just set up another.

One helpful commentator Silent-G did point out: “I doubt any of them are true. Anyone who has seen the film this early has better things to do than go on the internet and spoil it.”


That aside, a Chome extension has been created to prevent people from accessing any site with Star Wars information on them, but the best advice might be, go back in time and book tickets for the opening night, or get a late holiday to a place with the Web.

Reddit moderators are ‘doing God’s work’ filtering out Star Wars spoilers from the site [TechInsider]

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