Try not to cry over the beauty of this handmade handheld console

Try not to cry over the beauty of this handmade handheld console

Swedish designer and craftsman Love Hultén has made a name for himself by infusing his country’s trademark minimalism as well as expert skill to make beautiful — and expensive — game consoles. In an attempt to “create a ‘budget’ product to meet these people, half-way,” Hultén created his latest work of console art, the handheld Pixel Vision.

Launched on Kickstarter, Hultén is offering a limited run of 500 for the Pixel Vision, which features a beautiful wood casing and a clamshell look for on-the-go gaming. The device has a Raspberry Pi A+ board with a USB to allow for easy and fast loading of ROMs to run through RetroArch. The Pixel Vision can run games from Atari, Nintendo and Sega, as well as a few new ‘homebrew’ games — the movement of original cartridge development that has kept the experience of retro gaming alive.


If you want to feel the smooth wood of the Pixel Vision, and run ‘Pokemon Red’ on its nice 3.5″ LCD Display (hello, backlighting!), it’ll set you back. The Pixel Vision is a handmade woodworking project and Hultén makes each individually, so be prepared to pledge Kr 3,999 (roughly $461, €432, or £304) for the privilege.


But if you’re an old-school gaming fiend and really love the minimalist style, it’s hard not to want the console. The Kickstarter will run through mid-December, with the Pixel Vision rolling out as early as February 2016.

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