Go home, Slack, you’re drunk UPDATE: Slack sobered up!

Go home, Slack, you’re drunk UPDATE: Slack sobered up!

So if you haven’t checked any recent channels of communication where young professionals generally crowd (*cough* Twitter *cough*), you might have heard that Slack is down for some.

While the TNW Slack is barely glued together with a lick and a prayer, it seems that Slack not even know what it do:


UPDATE: Slack was still down sporadically for some well into 5pm EST, but it finally got rid of that silly 1969 date:

Screenshot 2015-11-23 12.41.48

The company released an update with a tentative okay:

And also sent a statement to TNW:

With sincere thanks for your patience and apologies for the
disruption, we wanted to confirm that Slack is back.

The service was not accepting new user connections for 2.5 hours
today, from approximately 11:30am to 2pm.

The incident was initially triggered by a third party network outage,
which caused instability in our core services. We resolved the
instability by implementing a number of measures, including
provisioning additional hardware and conducting a full restart of some
key services.

Our operations team is currently analyzing data to conduct a thorough
post-mortem to ensure that we understand the underlying root cause of
the issue and better prepare for potential network outages in the

We apologize for the inconvenience and are committed to doing better
in the future!

Continue with your regularly scheduled productivity!


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