You can now request an Uber through Slack with a few simple commands

You can now request an Uber through Slack with a few simple commands

Need a lift? You don’t even to stop chatting, because Uber has (unofficially) come to Slack.

The Slack/Uber functionality arrives via GitHub, where App Academy students posted a project that marries the two popular services.

In any chat, you can now use a /Uber command to request a ride. Because Slack doesn’t track your location, you’ll also have to tell Uber where you are and where you want to go.

Here’s how it works:

/uber ride [origin] to [destination] calls a car for you, and takes you from your specific location to a desired desitnation

/uber estimate [origin] to [destination] gives you an estimated price before you request a ride

/uber status tells you where your driver is

/uber share lets you share the progress of your ride, which is handy if your teammates are wondering if you’re okay

/uber cancel is a quick way to say “nah, forget it” to Uber

/uber help is there when you forget how to do any of the above

You will have to add the Uber function to your Slack room first, but if you request a lot of Uber rides, it’s easily one of the better add-ons you can have at your disposal.

Uber on Slack

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