Anonymous’ Operation KKK outs hate groups and alleged members via Twitter

Anonymous’ Operation KKK outs hate groups and alleged members via Twitter

A few days ago, we notified you of a file dump that purported to show the names of KKK members outed by a group aligning themselves with Anonymous. In response, Anonymous promised it would release its findings today — and it has.

A Twitter account for Operation KKK posted a link to a Pastebin account with the names of roughly 1,000 individuals the group believes are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous was quick to note this was more about outing those from KKK splinter cells that “bear the hallmarks of terrorism.”

We defend free thought and free speech. The anons responsible for this operation will not support acts of terrorism and acts of hate inflicted upon the public. The KKK is part of an important cultural landscape and history in the United States.

We need to make room for important, blunt, honest, public, productive conversation. Violent bigotry IS a problem in the United States. This is not a colorblind society. It deeply divided on racial lines.

In addition to individual members, Anonymous also points to social media accounts for various groups affiliated with the KKK.

No personal information about individuals was published; like the groups they may affiliate themselves with, only links to their social media accounts were posted.

Operation KKK [Twitter]

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