Miss the ‘favorite’ star on Twitter? Here’s how to bring it back (or customize your own)

Miss the ‘favorite’ star on Twitter? Here’s how to bring it back (or customize your own)

After the unceremonious murder of the star, and a bit of mourning, we’re left with a world full of Twitter users that just can’t make sense of things. They’re losing their shit, and they want answers.

Some are so distraught they can’t seem to find the caps lock button.

I feel you Tweeple.

Luckily, with a simple browser tweak in Chrome or Firefox, you can get your star back — or, change it to a better emoji, like the taco, middle finger, or eggplant.

Here’s how it’s done (h/t Robert McNees)

Step 1: You cut a hole in a box Download the Stylish extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: Copy this bit of code.

.HeartAnimationContainer {
visibility: hidden;
.HeartAnimationContainer:after {
content: “🍔”;
visibility: visible;
display: block;
position: absolute;

Step 3: Paste into Stylish. You can change the hamburger to any emoji you’d like.


Step 4: Apply it to URLs on Domain and then add Twitter.com

Step 5: Name, save and refresh Twitter.

Or, you could just get over it.

This guy gets it.

How To Replace Twitter’s Dumb Heart With the Emoji of Your Choice [Gizmodo]

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