Twitter’s #helloworld developer campaign sparks bi-weekly office hours via Periscope

Twitter’s #helloworld developer campaign sparks bi-weekly office hours via Periscope

At Twitter Flight, CEO Jack Dorsey asked developers to tweet out their requests using the hashtag ‘#helloworld.’ Not surprisingly, the company got a ton of feedback.

But what do developers want from Twitter? Probably the same as users. Twitter saw a lot of requests for tweet editing, and an improved list feature.

Twitter also got a lot of engagement about the 140-character limit. It seems developers are equally torn between keeping and abolishing it.


As a platform, developers want Twitter to change its API rate and token limit, and increase its number of public APIs. There’s also interest in more beta stuff coming from Twitter and more data from Gnip.

The full blog post dives into more about the nuance of how Twitter might handle some of the platform requests, so I suggest developers give it a read. The company is still focussed on protecting its core user group, but says it’s discussing all requests internally.

How it responds will be critical. To help improve transparency, Twitter’s Developer Team will be hosting bi-weekly office hours on Periscope starting next Tuesday at 9:30am PST where they’ll address our #helloworld requests.

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