Product Hunt’s AMA sessions now feature live video chats

Product Hunt’s AMA sessions now feature live video chats

Roughly two months and 150 chat sessions later, Product Hunt is expanding its Ask Me Anything-like feature. Starting today, Product Hunt LIVE’s lineups will include video chats where viewers can call in and ask questions directly on camera, or simply watch the guests give their responses in real time.

If you miss the live session, a video will also be available for replay. “Product Hunt LIVE Video is an extension of our mission to connect the community directly with makers,” CEO Ryan Hoover writes in a blog post. “As a medium, it’s the closest thing to meeting someone face-to-face in an unedited conversation.”

Viewers will be required to log in before they can make calls or type in their questions, but simply viewing the session will be open to all. Like Reddit’s AMAs, guests will have the option of picking which questions they’d like to answer. Unlike Reddit, they won’t need to post selfies with their usernames to prove their identity.

You can check out the upcoming schedule here.

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