Apple updates Pages with 3D Touch for iOS, Split View for Mac

Apple updates Pages with 3D Touch for iOS, Split View for Mac

Those using Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iOS and OS X will enjoy today’s update, which rolls out support for Split View, Force Touch and 3D Touch.

Split View for Pages now works on both El Capitan and the iPad. It lets you work on two documents side-by-side, splitting the screen evenly by default.

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On the desktop, you can Force Click an image and get haptic feedback as you edit for Pages and Keynote. On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you can use 3D Touch to create new documents.

For the iPad, Apple clearly has productivity in mind for Pages. A new multi-touch gesture for text selection is present, and there’s a new shortcut bar for editing tools.

Keynote and Numbers also have a long list of improvements, mostly incremental. A big draw will be the ability to open legacy files (2006 through 2008), and both now support iCloud and the ability to share documents as view-only.

What’s new in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote [Apple]

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