Urban Airship Connect may bring timely notifications without annoying you

Urban Airship Connect may bring timely notifications without annoying you

Notifications may soon find their way to you via the proper channels. Urban Airship is unveiling Connect, a platform to help businesses understand how to reach customers in a way that encourages engagement and (hopefully) doesn’t annoy.

It’s all based on user generated data, but Connect covers a lot of contact points for the end user. If you were to uninstall an app, Connect might forward a ‘win-back’ email to encourage you to re-download the app.

Similarly, associates might know when a rewards member was looking up an item on their phone while standing in a store — and offer them some assistance. If that same customer were sitting at home researching a product, they may see a Facebook offer next time they checked their social feed.

Connect is focussed on mobile, but not only because it’s where the best return for data comes from. According to Urban Airship’s research, mobile app usage is five times higher than Web activity.

Rhapsody’s Director of Traffic and Demand, Greg Spils, agrees. “We recently proved that value working with BandPage to send superfans band-specific notifications that they responded to at 50X the rate of banner ads and 10X the rate of Facebook ads,” he says.

Existing Urban Airship customers will simply need to activate Connect, and incoming partners only need a single API. The company says it will arrive in Q4 — just in time for holiday shopping.

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