Survey shows battery life a non-issue for most Apple Watch owners

Survey shows battery life a non-issue for most Apple Watch owners

With its small 205mAh battery, many expected the Apple Watch would need as much time on a charger as your wrist. A new survey suggests most Apple Watch owners get through a day just fine, and rarely worry about battery life at all.

Wristly surveyed over 1,200 Apple Watch users, and found 44 percent never even check their battery level. On average, 95 percent of respondents say Apple Watch lasts a full day, and 84 percent of users are happy with how long Apple Watch lasts.

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The main battery drain may be one of the core features of Apple Watch — fitness tracking. About 45 percent of respondents feel Apple Watch’s health features contribute most to its battery drain, with Maps being blamed by 19 percent of those polled.

It gets interesting when Apple Watch users discuss charging their wearable; 88 percent say they charge it “at night, no matter what percentage is showing,” which we take to mean those users charge it overnight while sleeping.

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When asked how satisfied they were about how long Apple Watch took to charge, only 66 percent were “highly satisfied.” Seems there are about 22 percent of Apple Watch users that don’t get enough sleep.

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