Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing to go ahead on September 21

Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing to go ahead on September 21
Credit: Owen Williams / TNW (2012)

After pushing to delay his extradition hearing to the United States, Kim Dotcom has lost the fight to defer the decision and will go on trial on September 21.

Following the dramatic raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion in 2012, Kim Dotcom has been awaiting trial for extradition to the United States. Dotcom and his business partners are charged with enabling and actively engaging in piracy via former file sharing site Megaupload.

Now, almost four years on from the raid and after repeated delays to the trial, Dotcom will finally face the music.

Things in 2015 are very different from back then — the infamous internet entrepreneur not only started and was ousted from Mega, a secure alternative to Megaupload, he also created and backed a political party during the New Zealand elections.

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal today rejected his arguments that there had been an abuse of process and the United States government had blocked a ‘proper defence.’

The court rejected the argument for three reasons: it says it managed the issue appropriately and in line with extradition treaties, did not want to interfere with district court and did not believe that the defence had been diminished as a result of the US authority’s actions.

After four years of waiting, Kim Dotcom may finally face the judgement he’s been afraid of next Monday.

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