Periscope is finally letting you view and broadcast in landscape mode


Periscope is going landscape. An update for iOS and Android brings users the opportunity to watch and stream broadcasts while holding their phone sideways. — a feature the company says its community has been “craving.”

Viewers can watch a landscape stream in portrait, but it will shrink to fit the width of the screen.


Periscope also has something it calls ‘share context,’ which lets you know who shared a feed with you. When you see a stream in your feed, a small indicator beneath the feed tells you who shared it with you; no more wondering why a broadcast is showing up!

For Android, Periscope now lets those who stream privately to select from a list of mutual users (you both follow one anther). The company says it’s a more “natural” selection of people users are likely to stream to. This private sharing feature is coming “soon” to iOS.

Finally, there’s now the ability to share streams to Facebook – interesting timing for the Twitter-owned app, as Facebook today opened its Mentions app (which features a live-streaming feature) to more users today.

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