Avocarrot’s new H.E.R.O. tool automates native ad performance for iOS and Android developers

Avocarrot’s new H.E.R.O. tool automates native ad performance for iOS and Android developers

Developers have to make a living; unless users want to spend money on an app, there will likely be ads. Managing ads can get clumsy, but Avocarrot is promising a fully automated native ad platform called H.E.R.O. that will let developers get back to fixing bugs and updating their apps.

Here’s how it works: H.E.R.O. (Help & Expertise for Revenue Optimization) monitors three main areas for ad performance in apps:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

  • Revenue per 1,000 impressions (eCPM)

  • The ratio of actual impressions and ad requests (fill rate)

Apps that utilize H.E.R.O. are compared to similar apps; when an app’s performance falls below a median performance metric, the developer gets an alert. The alert comes with some recommendations on what can be done to improve ad performance in an app.

Monitoring is also based on region. Conno Christou, Co-Founder of Avocarrot tells me “a good eCPM for an iOS app in the United States may be $3-10, but an Android app in France might be $1-2.” Recommendations are curated from experts, too.

The automated monitoring tool draws from a pool of expert knowledge and industry benchmarks. It provides actionable suggestions for professional publishers who are serious about app monetization but simply lack the resources.

H.E.R.O. runs all day, every day, and developers are always in control; if you were planning a UI overhaul, making slight changes to your in-app ad income might not make sense in the days leading up to an app’s relaunch.

Free to use for those that partner with Avocarrot’s native ad platform, H.E.R.O. is available now.

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