You can use different controllers for Apple TV gaming, but not many

You can use different controllers for Apple TV gaming, but not many

Do you want to play games on your Apple TV? Of course you do! The included remote, while great for navigating shows and movies, may not do the trick for gaming. You can use other remotes, though.

Apple TV relies on Bluetooth for connectivity to other devices. To that, you could (in theory) use any cordless controller with Bluetooth enabled, but it gets a bit trickier than that.

Any third-party OEMs that want to make a controller for use with Apple TV will need to jump through the MFi program, which is how Apple qualifies its partners.


The bad news is that it’ll limit your choices. Steelseries controllers are shown twice on Apple’s gaming page for Apple TV, but it’s not clear just how many others are MFi certified.

The good news is that you have options — and likely more as time goes on. Apple TV gaming is pretty impressive, and has us all interested… but playing a first-person shooter with a TV remote is a bit too weird for me.

Games and apps on TV. It’s gonna be huge. [Apple]

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