‘There’s an Airbnb for that’: 5 services for your specific sharing needs

‘There’s an Airbnb for that’: 5 services for your specific sharing needs

The sharing economy has created an accessible marketplace for everyone’s underutilized resources. Every day people can capitalize on the unused potential of things they already own – Peerby allows an idle drill to become a $5 source of income and on Spinlister, you can easily make $20 renting out your unused bike.

Airbnb is perhaps the most recognizable example of this phenomenon. Just as with your Googles and your Facebooks, AirBnB has evolved from the name of a company to a colloquialism. When planning a holiday, you no longer ‘look for a place to stay’, you just ‘get an Airbnb’.

When similar services emerge that cater to a niche audience, it’s a sure sign that a concept has been widely adopted. Different services that focus on a novel ways to put your home to use are spring up all over the place, sometimes even covering the most urgent of needs.


The following companies may have a long way to go before we start casually throwing their names around  – some may even go the way of fetch – but for now these hopefuls are aiming to become market leaders for their respective niches.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. But what if you’re in public, there’s no restrooms around and public urination isn’t really your thing? Airpnp offers an accessible alternative to diving down an alley, by allowing residences and businesses to rent out their bathrooms to those in need of relief.

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Filling the gap between home sharing and adventurous couples, Kinkbnb allows fetishists to rent some of the most well-equipped and glamorous dungeons from fellow enthusiasts around the world. Users can also indicate if they are ‘orgy’ or ‘swinger’ friendly.

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Misterbnb is a short-term rental service by and for gay men aiming to provide a safe and comfortable experience. This inclusive and “open to everyone” company boasts a steady female clientèle as well –  feeling safer because hosts are not interested in women.

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Bud and Breakfast

Pot tourism is exploding and while marijuana use may be legal in a few states, public consumption is still a no-no. Bud and Breakfast, the Airbnb for ‘cannabis friendly lodging’, has the answer.

Listings include a map of nearby dispensaries, cannabis-friendly events in the area and even what paraphernalia is provided with your rental.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 14.26.39

Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb?

Where do hosts go when they’ve rented out their home (or sex lair…)? To another host’s house, obviously. The service is free, but does suggest some form of compensation like a six-pack of beer, or an offer to swap hosting duties at a later date.

A meta-service like that last one has to mean your company is doing something right. I wonder how long until we get ‘Can I Go at Yours While I Rent My Bathroom on Airpnp?’

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