Jawbone rolls out new features, colors and a redesigned clasp for UP activity trackers

Jawbone rolls out new features, colors and a redesigned clasp for UP activity trackers

Jawbone is rolling out an update for its UP2 and UP3 activity trackers that will bring new features and a few design tweaks to the wearable devices.

Feature-wise, the UP3, which previously only allowed for Resting Heart Rate (RHR) measurements, will now measure your Passive Heart Rate (PHR) too.

Unlike the RHR scores, which are automatically taken while you’re asleep for a more accurate readings, the new passive monitoring takes measurements throughout the day for a more complete picture of your health. By combining the two readings, the UP app ‘Smart Coach’ can make better-informed recommendations about your life too.


The Passive Heart Rate reading feature will only activate when you’re not moving – and there’s no on-demand heart rate measurement option still.

The UP3 will attempt to take a PHR score every 10 minutes, providing you are stationary. If you’re not, it waits another minute to see if you are. It’s the same deal while the reading is actually being taken too (a 30-second process); if you move excessively, it abandons the reading and will wait another minute.

While this is good news for UP3 users, it won’t mean a lot for users of Jawbone’s other activity trackers. However, UP 2 (and 3) owners do get a few tweaks coming their way too – for one, the UP bands can now automatically detect when you’ve fallen asleep and when you wake up.

This is pretty handy if you’re the sort of person who never remembers to switch into sleep mode before your slumber, but it’s not going to change the world.


Perhaps more interestingly, Jawbone has tried to partially address the design criticism leveled at it over the clasp on the UP 2 and UP 3. As I noted in our review, the clasp constantly unhooked itself and fell off without warning. 

UP2 Lightweight Thin Straps Group

Now, new UP2 models have a slightly redesigned clasp system to try and help this problem. The UP 3’s clasp remains the same – a spokesperson told TNW that the sensor placement makes redesigning the clasp on that model a trickier prospect.

There are also new color options across both models. For UP 3, the new colors are: ‘Ruby Cross,’ ‘Indigo Twist,’ ‘Teal Cross’ and ‘Sand Twist.’

The UP2 is being offered in six new color options too, although only five of them use the new band design.

The new retail options will hit online and offline stores this month, and the app updates are rolling out to iOS and Android devices from today.


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